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A Little About Us

How I Became a Frenchie Parent

As long as I can remember I have always wanted a Frenchie. Since I was a child I Loved this cute and comical breed but because of the high price tag for these amazing dogs I had to wait and save for many years. I started breeding dogs as a hobby with my dad as a teenager breeding both large and small dog breeds we began with German Shepard's and moved into Labrador Retrievers and Scottish Terriers. I Loved breeding and learning about the different breeds as an adult I continued on to breeding Yorkshire Terriers and continued to dream about getting my first Frenchie! back in 2016 my husband randomly sent me a picture of the sweetest little Blue French Bulldog (He didn't even know the kind of puppy it was or about my lifelong dream) He would periodically send me random pictures of Puppies and I would always say No not right now because we already had 2 Boxer rescues... Well to his surprise I immediately text him back and said Oh My Goodness YES! where is she and where do I go get her!!! He then said Whoa! I'm not sure someone just showed me the picture and I text you as a joke because you always say NO! I was heartbroken and told him of my lifelong dream of having and breeding these amazing dogs!!! Then he said let me find out if that puppy is available and where it is... As my husband has always done he truly made my dreams come true with our first Frenchie Freyja Le' Bleu and the rest is History! as most anyone with a Frenchie can tell you once you have 1 you can't wait to have another! within the next year we added Sir Griffon the Great to our pack. Our goal is to better this amazing breed and we breed for Quality with Health and Temperment being our top priority so we will not always have puppies available because it is about the Quality of the pups we produce not the Quantity! All of our breeding stock is DNA Health Tested and clear of any genetic abnormalities. Our puppies all come with a 1 year health guarantee, all age appropriate Vaccines up to date, and a large puppy pack with all you need to take your little bundle of Frenchie love home with you. 

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